APRIL 17, 2017

Depression and prevention

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Who Are We?

The Aishwarya Group draws inspiration from the way in which the universe functions - Ever breathing. Ever growing. Ever expanding.

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Quick Facts

To present innovative methods, by continuous monitoring and building standard based on performance, quality, and cost.

To make optimal utilization of client’s time and resources.

Pursue growth and learning.

Driven by curiosity, innovation and providing effective medication.

Not merely complying but committing to established regulations.

Honesty and integrity


Ethical Business Practice

Not compromise our stakeholders, carry everyone along

Not exploit for gain

Our Global Presence

We currently export to more than 30 countries that includes African, Central Asian and Latin American countries

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Our Products

We have more than 400 products in our portfolio and one of the top IV Fluid manufacturers in India with FFS Technology

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Business Development

Over the Years we have gained expertise in understanding the regulatory frameworks of the various countries in which we operate.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Mission is to supplement those who are in need with enough help wherever we can.

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