Legacy over a decade

With a legacy spanning several decades, Aishwarya Group has evolved into a symbol of trust and reliability in the healthcare industry.

Our journey began with a passion for healthcare, and today, we proudly stand as a leader in the fields of orthopediology, gynaecology, pain management, nephrology, intravenous therapy, and super specialized manufacturing.


First Aishwarya HealthCare unit Inaugurated at Baddi in Himachal Pradesh


Launch of Aishwarya Products in Glass Vials, and Nasal and Ophthalmic Categories


Aishwarya Group Launches it's first marketing division to deal with Fluid Therapy Options and Fluid Therapy Divisions


Inauguration of Aishwarya Lifesciences with Further Expansion of FTD Focussed FFS product Lines


International BFS Meet hosted by German Partners with delegates from 70 Countries meeting to discuss Aishwarya Lifesciences' Bespoke Technology and Infrastructure.


Aishwarya Group Launches Euro Head Technology in FTD.


Aishwarya Group acquires Celebrity Biopharma Limited and announces the opening of its new offices


Aishwarya Group ReLaunches Celebrity Biopharma Limited in Trade Generics and Build Capabilities in Cephalosporins.


Aishwarya Group Announces it's Upcoming Sikkim Facility, Adding Lyophilization, Ampoules, DPI, BetaLactum, and Dry Syrup Capabilities


Aishwarya Group Forays into the Corporate Hospital Business Under the Division Critiqual.


Aishwarya's Celebrity Biopharma Limited Achieves MoH Russia Approvals, Aishwarya Group Also Announces the launch of its' 40 Member R&D based out of Baddi.


Aishwarya Group Doubles Down On its' bet and Enhances Resources for Corporate Hospital Sales, introducing new range of Anaesthesia Products in its' Basket. It also manufactures Remdesevir and Favipiravir under Emergency Licensing Partnership from innovators Gilead and Fujifilm.


Aishwarya Group Launches into Prescription marketing with its' HealthCare Division, Becoming the first division in the country to enjoy a purely digital launch.


Aishwarya Group Forays into Nephrology and launches Market Access Vertical under the name AishCare.


  • Aishwarya Group Launches Project Eagle to become a Global Company in line with the vision of our Founder.

  • Aishwarya HealthCare becomes the first Major Pharma company in India, to launch Ferric Carboxymaltose as a Genericised Molecule with over 59% Price Reduction on MRP.


  • AishThera is launched as the International Business Arm of Aishwarya Group.

  • Aishwarya Group launches its' line of Oncolytic Orals and next generation ophthalmics.

  • Aishwarya HealthCare in Sikkim becomes the first facility in Sikkim to be approved via EU-GMP